From Reach-In Closet to Family Craft Room

Ginny Snook Scott - California Closets craft room

My California Closets craft room!

Organization is always a top priority for me.

So when my husband and I purchased our house, we installed all of our closets right away. We knew that smart storage systems were something we did not want to wait for. Plus, it made sense to pack, unpack and organize just once!

One of my favorite storage designs we came up with is in our family room. It serves multiple purposes:

1.  Craft center/gift wrapping center.

2.  Extra hanging space for guests when they visit and for hanging our table linens.

3.  Storage for the many family games and puzzles that we have.

The look:

We chose to work with a white flat finish so that it would blend into the walls of the closet and not be distracting when using the workstation for crafts or wrapping items.

For a splash of color, we installed a wallboard between the counter and upper cabinets and covered it with fabric that has great words such as:  family, celebrate, inspire.  This is fun, because we can change it out if we want!


Wrapping Paper Organizer in California Closets craft room

Dividers keep my wrapping paper rolls organized & easy to access

We used the racks that were designed for holding shoes as ribbon holders and the large drawer has two lingerie dividers installed in it that are perfect for organizing wrapping paper rolls!

Instead of installing built-in baskets, I decided to purchase some beautiful brown woven baskets with lids that could easily be removed from the shelf and put on the work station.  They look pretty and are very functional to keep the clutter tucked away.

We did install a bank of drawers to the left of the work station that hold additional crafts and tissue paper.

The small drawer under the work station is perfect for scissors, tape, markers, and other small items that are easily organized with a drawer divider.

My favorites:

Ginny working at California Closets craft room

Wrapping gifts in my California Closets craft room

My favorite part of the system is the ribbon rods.  I love working with ribbons – and when they are stuffed into a drawer or basket, it is more of hassle to sort through them, and I end up not using them.

Having them on display makes them easy to get to – and easy to use – and is beautiful eye candy when the closet is open.  This is the one closet that people ‘oooh- and ahhhh’ about when they get a tour of the house.

Fun and functional:

The kids love this area for doing quick school projects and/or crafts on a rainy afternoon. The closet has lights installed inside, so it is easily lit and makes for a great work area with a stool pulled up to the counter.

We also had electrical outlets pulled in so that we can plug in hot glue guns, or anything else that needs electricity.

Check out some more pictures in the California Closets Facebook photo album.

I just love my craft room! What do you think?

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