Nominate Dad for our Father’s Day Contest!

We’ve already talked about how dad needs his garage back and given you tips on surprising him with a clean, organized garage.

Now we wanted to do something special for all of the dads out there this Father’s Day!

So we’ve pulled together some quirky and fun dad-centric gifts and want YOU to nominate the special dad in your life for a chance to win.

Comment on this post and tell us what makes him so amazing and why he deserves our dads-only gift basket – filled with goodies and gadgets that one lucky dad is sure to love!

We’ll choose the winner based on how inspiring, thoughtful and expressive you are about the special dad in your life.

California Closets Father's Day contest prizes

Surprise dad by nominating him to win these prizes for Father's Day!

Our favorite nominee will receive a Father’s Day Gift Box:

  • Sur La Table “slider” mini-burger 3-piece tools set – everything you need to make appetizer-size hamburgers.
  • Wilton donut twist pan – make individual donuts any time you want!
  • Sur La Table flexible skewers – stainless steel, flexible design holds more food than straight skewers.
  • Brett Cohen’s Stuff Men Should Know – from wardrobe tips to car maintenance.
  • David Bickel’s Creepiosity - a hilarious guide to the unintentionally creepy.
  • USB Hubman – plug in four devices to the whimsical “Hubman”.
  • Leopold Grasshopper – jumping critter with suction cup for fun with the kids or taking breaks at work.

You have until Wednesday, June 15 to enter! Comment below and share this contest with your friends and family.

(Want more details about the contest? Check out our contest rules.)


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27 Responses to “Nominate Dad for our Father’s Day Contest!”

  1. US Navy Seal

    He is the best dad while he dont intervine on any decision you want to make, he will drop you words of wisdom and even though he knows that you will fail in your endeavor he will still support you regardless. He believe in growing up by experience. Which for me make him a good dad since he wont cuff you but will set you free to do stuff but is always around to help you get up on your feet if you fail

  2. Irene Balehowsky

    My husband is such a good man….he has helped me with so much in the 35 years we have been together….He loves his children (4 sons and 4 daughter-in-laws..and a daughter) and adores his granddaughter. He works with his sons and at times it may be difficult but always has their best interests in mind…He is so proud of each of his children and brags on them always….He is an awesome father!!

  3. Christine McCluntick

    My husband is the best father. He has done so much for myself and our two sons. When we did not have enough money, he would anything ( like 3-4 different jobs) just to make sure that we had proper food on the table. If the boys were playing soccer and there was no coach, Jon would step up to the plate. He never grumbles or complains about need to get done, he just does it. Now the boys are older it’s about experiencing life, like camping and fishing. He even will make pancakes and fresh toast on the weekends because that is what he remembers what his mom did for him. I feel that Jon is the best father because he tirelessly does what needs to be done and it would make my heart happy to see him honoured for what he does.

  4. ghisl

    My husband is the best Dad because he loves his
    kids more than life itself.

  5. Tammy Piche (George)

    My husband, George, is the best Dad ever! I knew that he was going to be a great father when I was pregnant, but he’s been an even better dad (and husband) than I even imagined. I never have to ask him to let me sleep in, he is always happy to spend time with her, and gladly grabs her to go play and let me rest. I don’t even have the words to describe how touched I am when I see him interact with her, teaching her, patiently steering her away from things that she shouldn’t touch, sneaking in all the cuddles he can (she’s crawling and is too busy to cuddle all the time). I tell him, but I hope he truly knows what a great Dad he is :)

  6. Karyn

    Dad- There’s so much more to being a dad than just the title. My husband works and sacrifices family time by being gone from home 2-4 weeks at a time. When he’s home from work every moment is spent with our daugher, dogs, yard, house, or with me,
    My husband openly adopted my daughter when she was 18 months after we got married in ’07. The two are best friends. She is more like him than she is like me. I could not have picked a better father for my daughter. He loves her like his own. There is no difference
    My husband deserves more than I can ever give him..

  7. Heidi

    My dad has always put his role as a parent above all else. For many years, he was the primary or sole caregiver to my 3 siblings and me. After his first child was born, he left a much more lucrative career to become a schoolteacher to have more time with his children, even though that meant taking on multiple additional jobs in order to support us. Now that I am a parent, and struggle to keep my life in balance with just one job & one child, I marvel at how he always seemed to be working, and yet simultaneously always seemed to be with us when we needed him.

    My dad was far from what you could call strict; his philosophy was basically “I trust you, & if I raised you right then you’ll do the right thing.” While none of us were perfect, we all had a strong underlying set of values that he instilled in us, & that his permissiveness-but-with-high-expectations parenting style strengthened. His trust in us, which taught us to trust ourselves, made us quite independent rather early on in life, and this sense of independence has served us well over the years.

    Now that we are all grown up and have families of our own, my father still takes his role as a parent as seriously as ever. When I was struggling through a difficult pregnancy, my dad frequently flew in from my hometown to take care of me while I was on bedrest, and coordinated with other friends and family members to be with me when he was not. Some people found this surprising, that a father would be so protective and nurturing of his adult child. While I cannot overstate my appreciation for all my dad did to help me through my pregnancy, I also cannot say that his actions surprised me in the least. That’s just who he is. The epitome of the love, support, teacher, [just to keep it real: occasional frustration catalyst ;) ], and ultimately, friend, that can be boiled down to the simple word “dad.”

  8. Rose

    My husband is a great dad to our two sons. No matter how busy life gets, he always makes time for them when they call, or drop by. He is caring, loving, has been an excellent mentor & a great role model!

  9. Laura Kraft

    I am writing for my 1 year old daughter (Alivia) to nominate her daddy / my husband (Ken). Alivia truly has the best daddy in the world. He is 29 years old and has a heart of gold. All of his free time is devoted to his family! He lights up every time he looks at our beautiful 1 year old daughter. I can just see in his eyes how much he loves her. He has more patients then anyone I have ever met. He wakes up in the middle of the night when she is crying to help me put her back to sleep. He changes just as many, if not more diapers than I do. And most importantly he makes her laugh- She is only 1 year old but she thinks her dad is the funniest man around. I knew 2 years ago when I married Ken that someday he would make the best dad and sure enough I was right.

    1 month ago Ken recently got layed off from his job after 4 years of being employeed there. It was such a dissapointment however Ken did not let himself get down about it. In fact, he looked at it as a new opprotunity for something better to come along. While he spent the last few weeks looking for a new job he also took full advantage of being able to be home with his family and enjoyed every minute with his baby girl.

    After filling out many applications, this past week Ken started his new job!! Congratulations ken!! I am so proud of him and I know when our daughter get’s older she will be just as proud of him as I am now.

    Now when my husband get’s home from work he spends his time playing outside with our daughter. He loves to take her on walks around the neighborhood and show her off to all the neighbors. He is so proud of her!

    Finally, what makes my husband even a better dad is that after he get’s done working all day and comes home to play outside with our daughter he goes over his best friends house and helps put their son to bed, then comes home and helps me put our daughter to bed!!

    The reason he helps put his friends son to bed is because they have a 2 year old and his wife is currently 19 weeks pregnant with twins!! Due to some serious complications she was put on permant bed rest for her entire pregancy and cannot under no cercumstances lift her 2 year old up nor can she walk up a flight of stairs. So my husband offered to help put their 2 year old to bed whenever they need him. And since his best friend is a fireman and spends a few nights a week sleeping at the station on those nights my husband goes over and helps out with thier little boy!!

    Alivia truly has the best dad in the world and i know someday when she grows up she will really appreaciate all he does for her and our family!! After seeing how he is with our daughter he makes me want to have many more children with him!!

  10. Dawn

    I fall in love with my husband all over again every time I see him with my daughters. Once I came home from shopping- and found them having a “tea-party picnic” on the living room floor. He lets them “do his hair”…poor guy! He always has the time to “watch me daddy” or play catch, or float around in the pool with them :)
    He is also the most patient man I know, taking the time to teach them things, and let them “help fix” with him around the house.
    He’s also a hard worker- allowing me to be a stay at home mom to our girls.
    He always has hugs, kisses, and “I love you’s”… so that our daughters know just how much they are loved.
    He is the daddy every little girl should have :)

  11. Sharon Knerr

    My husband Henry has blessed me for 27 year. He put himself through college and has worked his way up the ladder. He’s respected at his office and within his industry typically working 65-70 hours a week. He’s provided for myself and our two children. His hard work enabled me to stay home to raise our children. His hard work has enabled both children to graduate from college. Henry visits his folks at least once a year and spends a long weekend doing any needed repairs to their home (three states away). He is an amazing craftsman; remodeled our kitchen and bath. Most of all, he loves and supports his family. Henry is always will to listen to me and our children. Our son has entered the same field of work as my husband and he is never too busy not to give advice when son calls with questions. He will make the time to help his friends and enjoys working on Habitat projects in our community. I am blessed with a fabulous husband.

  12. Maria

    My husband and I met 19 years ago and once we decided to have kids(8 years ago) I couldn’t imagine a better father(as well as husband). With our first child we decided it would be better for him to be the stay at home dad and he had dinner on the table every night I returned from work as well as all the housework done( laundry, cleaning). He also read and continues to read to our children every night he is home. After our first son was one we bought a house without him having a job and he said he would make it work for his family (7 years later he Is still working very hard at his passion -being a chef). He works as a private chef so he could spend more time with his family. He loves to play with his kids. Yesterday I came home to him running through the sprinklers with our son. The son who wants to be a chef like daddy when he grows up. I’m sure there are alot of great dads out there but I feel like my kids have the best dad.

  13. Allison

    I would love to nominate my husband, Jonathan Scheinman. Our daughter, Olivia was born with epilepsy and is globally developmentally delayed. Jon has created a website in honor of her and to raise awareness of her disability. His goal is to one day create a non-profit group to raise money to pay for intensive therapy session for children similar to Olivia and dreams to one day open a non-profit therapy school for children. Jon’s love and commitment as a father is truly inspiring.

  14. Lori

    My husband is an amazing father, I don’t even know how to put it into worthy words. We are a “blended” family but nobody would notice as he has treated all our children the same. This is proven by the fact that all our children adore him and wait (sometimes impatiently) for him to come home. It was my 5 year old daughters idea to tell everyone about how “cool” her dad is so that’s what we are doing. She said, “I love my daddy because he protects us, works for us, and tucks me in.”

  15. kelly

    Growing up it seemed my dad worked all the didnt see why until I was older. To provide for us and to give us the best . My dad has never been one to show much emotion until latley.
    We live 4 hours apart . For the last 3 years he has been caring for my mom on his own while she has had dementia. Being a only child its hard to help out much being far away. She is now in her final stages and in hospice, where he goes and sits with her everyday..At 70 years old when they still should have time together it seems unfair to have to part after 48 years together.
    My dad has always been a good dad..but just now Im seeing how great and strong he is.

  16. Katherine Williams

    My husband is the best Dad in the whole universe to our three sons! He goes away to work every week to provide for them and when he’s home on weekends he makes a point of spending as much time with them as possible. Everything good they’ve learned, they’ve learned from him!

  17. Melissa

    My dad, Russell, is the best! He not only is an outstanding father but an amazing poppa as well. Sadly, we don’t get to see my dad as much as I would like because we are stationed overseas and have been for 3 years. I have to “see” my dad via Skype and he plays with his only grandchild that way. But he makes it fun! He has done so much for me my whole life. From making me laugh, being supportive, lending an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on! So, since I can’t physically be there for father’s day I would love to be able to send him some goodies!!

  18. AmyK

    My husband is the best dad around. We knew we wanted kids so we started trying as soon as we were married. We had no idea how long (or expensive!!) that journey would be. I finally had a positive test 2 days after our 8th anniversary. He was my sun on some very dark days. He kept a positive outlook and held my hand through endless appointments and disappointments. Seeing him hold our baby girl, it was worth the wait!!

  19. Mandolin

    My dad is Mr. Incredible to our family – he is the everything man! He has sacrificed so much of his time to making our lives easier – he fixes our cars, does handy jobs around the house, grills a mean burger, works long hours for not enough pay, spends long hours on his knees in prayer for us and is basically just the most amazing man I’ve ever known. If anyone deserves praise, he does, but he’ll be the first person to deny it. I love him with all my heart and whether or not he wins this prize, he’ll always be one of the best prizes I have ever received!

  20. Allison

    My husband and I have been together over half our lives and we are only 34 yrs. old (high school sweethearts). We have been living in NYC for the 9 years of our marriage and are finally moving our family (6 yr. old daughter and 3 yr. old son) out to the suburbs where he and I grew up (actually back to my home town). He has dreamed of raising our two kids right back where we met and has worked so hard to make that come true. He only wants our kids to be able to walk outside and play in the backyard and has sacrificed so much for all of us. He is an unbelievable father, son, in-law, and husband and is still able to crack me up.

  21. Lua Faamausili

    I have to say I have the greatest dad in the world. My dad has always put me and my kids first. With my husband having deployed couple of times in the past 4 years my dad has always been my life saver. Having to work full time job, my dad has helped tremendously with the kids. My dad takes my girls to school every morning, makes their meals and when he has time he’ll take them to the park. My kids test grandpa’s patience all the time but being such a wonderful dad and father he manages to do whatever they ask. I have to say I have the best dad ever!

  22. Michele La Spina

    Each evening, approximately 7:00 PST, the family computer starts to ring. Instinctively, my two year old daughter, Gabriella, starts running and yelling in her best two year old voice, “Daddy, I’m coming.” Gabby’s daddy is a proud American soldier and for most of Gabby’s life, her daddy has been deployed serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. Without fail, every evening he makes sure he is able to see Gabriella and spend time with her via the internet. They talk, sing and play games together. This takes place while in the background sounds of planes roar above, guns from a nearby firing range are shot and a trusty weapon is within arms’ reach. Gabby’s daddy has sacrificed much to serve his country and provide for his family. He has been away from his daughter more than he has been with her and has only spent one Father’s Day with her. This is the way of the Army family. . . God, Country, Family. . . Amen. Happy Father’s Day to all the great Dads out there.

  23. Robin S.

    My husband is an amazing father! We have two daughters in college and a son who is 16 months old. Although my husband is a corporate executive and travels quite a bit, when he is home he never hesitates to drop to the floor for a quick game of tickle, or read our son a book at bedtime. Our son screams with delight when daddy gets home and the look on his face as his daddy helps him with his remote control car is priceless. Last night I heard my strapping 6 ft 4 husband through the baby monitor reading my son a story about a bear then singing all the verses to “wheels on the bus”. I had to chuckle as I imagined what his coworkers would say if they could hear him as he continued to sing ” Itsy Bitsy Spider”. My husband helps the girls solve math equations over the phone, gives them sound financial advice as they approach graduation and then makes it home in time to help our son with a chunky wooden puzzle.

    My husband works a lot of hours so that we can live a comfortable life and our children can attend good schools. He gives us so much materially but what he gives us emotionally and spiritually cannot be measured in easy terms. He sacrifices the things he loves to do and time he could spend with “the guys” to do special things for his wife and kids.

    Way to go daddy! We love you!

  24. Alison

    My Dad is one of the hardest working people I know. He is up by 4:30am, doing laundry, dishes, feeding the 2 cats and a dog. He makes sure my stepmother sleeps well, working hard early in the morning so that when she wakes up the house is cleaned and ready to start the day. He is generous to his family, friends and a stranger in need. I have seen him on many occasions help those less fortunate than him. He is a great neighbor that looks after the families on his street. Always willing to lend a hand, to work hard and share what he has. He is my role model to work work hard and live with an open heart. He has gone through a great transformation in his life and continues to learn an grow. He has taught me to keep things tidy and clean in my life and to work hard to maintain my living space. He accomplishes more before 7am than most people do all week. He has instilled in me the valuable lesson of work hard to play hard. I wouldn’t be as successful in my life if it wasn’t for his amazing example.

  25. Dawn

    My husband deserves to win, because he is the most loving, thoughtful, fun Dad, Husband, and Grandpa! My husband, Tim, is wonderful, no matter what he is doing, he loves life, he loves his family, and we will always be number one in his life! As a father , Tim, was always there, from birth, to help change diapers, read them books, give baths, and put bandaids on booboos. As a Husband, Tim has been wonderful, we met when I was 16, he was 20, two years later, we married. It has been 30 wonderful years, and I would marry him all over again! As a Grandpa, Tim, is very active with his 3 grandkids. Tim has taught them one by one how to fish, he starts them out , casting in the yard with a fake fish, then they can move to real bait and fishing in grandpas boat! Tim always has time for whoever needs his attention, he never complains, even after working overtime, and alot of hours. I wish he could win, he has never won anything, and it would be nice to give him something in return for all he has given us, we are very lucky to have him in our lives, and we all love him very much!