Sweater Love: Caring for Wool & Cashmere

We’ve sped past Labor Day and colder weather is coming. Are your sweaters in shape for the season?

Caring for Your Sweaters


Dry clean or handwash your sweaters – especially cashmere. This helps keep moths away, who are attracted to whatever they can find on the natural fabric, like leftover food stains, dirt, oils, sweat. Don’t give them the chance – keep your clothes clean to deter them.


Luxurious cashmere sweaters stay softer for longer if you handwash them, but be careful how they dry! Hanging them distorts the shape and can leave your favorite sweater with shoulder dimples. Lay them flat on a dry toweland reshape sideseams and sleeves so they don’t stretch.

After drying, you can help the fibers rebloom and refresh by placing the sweater into a roomy pillow case and running the gentle air fluff cycle in the clothes dryer (make sure the temperature is cool, cool, cool).

California Closets Bedroom shelves sweaters storage

Neatly fold your sweaters and place on shelves or in protective sweater covers.

Storing Your Sweaters


Never hang your sweaters – they will stretch and lose their shape. Always fold them and store on a flat surface. Fold each side by a third, let the arms hang down, and then fold the sweater in half.


Both cedar and lavender will help prevent moth infestation (there’s also silverfish, carpet beetles, and other creepie crawlies out there), but remember, you need to be moth free from the start (see our care tips above).

Pure wool and cashmere are natural fibers and they like to breathe. Don’t store them in air-tight boxes. We love sweater covers with aroma sachets, which hold French lavender or cedar chips. They help repel the moths, and keep sweaters smelling fresh and staying clean.


Follow these essential care and storage instructions and you’ll keep your sweaters in perfect shape so you can wear them for many seasons to come!


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  1. Sam Smith

    These are some great tips! My closet gets so cluttered every winter from all my sweaters and warm bulky clothes. This will really help.