Action Plan for Fall Garage Storage

Summer is over.

Bummer, right? No more sun, no more fun. The daily grind awaits.

It’s all too easy to fall into that mindset, but I think autumn is great. The weather turns beautifully mild. No more scorching days where lying face down on the tile in the bathroom seems like the right way to spend an afternoon.

And there’s something quite wonderful about bundling up with a sweatshirt and a wool beanie and taking a walk with your sweetheart on a brisk fall afternoon.

Wire baskets are the perfect garage storage accessory for containing bulky winter gear.

Making the Change

Transitioning to autumn isn’t all that difficult. A great deal of the action takes place in your garage. A simple plan will help you make the switch with ease. The first and most important thing you should do is make two lists:

  • What is going into storage?
  • What is coming out of storage?

Your Action Plan

Say goodbye to summer gear:

  • Gather up all of your warm weather gear – beach chairs, floaty pool noodles, camping equipment, surfboards, etc. – and find a place in the garage where it won’t be in the way.
  • Summer gear tends to be lightweight, so storing it all up on a high shelf or in the rafters is easy enough to do. You won’t need to access it for quite a while, so it’s ok to store it behind or under other items that are going to be used frequently in the coming season. Plastic tubs are great for storing things away for months as the secure seal will keep them clean and dry.

Inventory fall and winter equipment:

  • Fall and winter gear tends to be a little more heavy duty. Take a survey of your house and yard and figure out what you’re going to need in the coming months. Depending on where you live, we could be talking about rakes or possibly snowblowers. Give your equipment a good once-over now so that it’s ready when the leaves and snowflakes fall. This shouldn’t take you very long, but you’ll thank yourself later.

Do an organizing blitz:

  • Use your lists to make sure you’ve got everything in place. Get your family members to help. Aside from a trip to the hardware store for a new rake or getting the snowblower tuned up, none of this should take more than an afternoon.

Loving the change of seasons

The biggest task you undertake, however, might be getting your head screwed on properly. Summer is fantastic, but fall has a myriad of charms that cannot be denied. Make the mental transition and everything else will fall into place perfectly.

Do these tips work for you? How do you organize for fall and winter?


Dan from California ClosetsDan is a Web & Social Media Specialist at California Closets and hopes that one day his music collection will be as organized as his closets.

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