Exorcising the Ghosts of Halloween Past

Is your costume collection getting scary? Organize it so next year's dressing up will be easier!

It’s the scariest time of year: Zombies, monsters, ghosts – and – the resurrection of the ever-expanding collection of Halloween costumes that has been hiding in the darkest corner of your home for the past 11 months!


The pirate’s eye patch is all tangled up with the Mardi Gras beads, the cowboy hat is smashed beneath Superwoman’s boots, there’s a fake mustache stuck to the tutu, vampire blood on the Pope’s robe, and one of Strawberry Shortcake’s stockings appears to have sprouted a leg and hopped away.

How can you avoid such costume catastrophes next Hallows Eve? Organize that muddled nightmare into a savvy system fit for a king (or queen)!

Here’s the secret: Organize according to your costume style.

Ask yourself: Are you a pre-packaged disguise doter or more of a piece-by-piece outfit originator?

1. Complete/pre-packaged costumes:

If your costume collection is a compilation of several complete disguises, separate each costume and its accessories from the others and label all of the contents so you can easily access the costume you’re looking for without hunting down each piece of it next year. For example: Witch Costume (hat, dress, nose, wig)

Small costumes and accessories can be stored in Ziploc bags and shoe boxes, and bulkier disguises can be placed in shopping bags or moving boxes.

2. DIY odds and ends:

If you whip up a new and original costume composed of random odds and ends each year, take a different organizational approach by creating a collection of each type of garment, rather than costume themes.

Try separating tops, bottoms, headwear, footwear and accessories into their own bins or boxes, and labeling them accordingly. This way, you’ll be able to let your creative juices flow as freely as a vampire’s dinner next time you’re looking to trick or treat.

Organize costumes by gender, age or family member to make choosing disguises easier next year.

Organizing for the Whole Family:

Does your costume collection include gender-specific or kids’ costumes?

A great way to simply the family selection is to separate his, hers, and children’s disguises and add a fourth category for costumes and accessories that can be worn by everyone. Now your whole family will be able to see their options for next year’s costumes, as well as share the wealth of articles such as masks, wigs and other accessories.

I hope these tips help you and yours disguise yourselves in style and simplicity for many years to come – Happy Halloween!

Ashley Steyaert is the Showroom Liaison for California Closets Northern California. She introduces clients to beautiful and functional storage system designs in the Berkeley Showroom.


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