Jessica’s Essential Tips for Tackling Big Remodeling Jobs

San Francisco design consultant Jessica Ballesteros loves working on total home remodels: “The sky is the limit creatively when you have a wide open space like that.”

These California Closets for a mom and daughter demonstrate how to keep a unifying style while designing with unique functions in mind.

One of her favorite projects was a six-room remodel that included several storage solutions: a wine bar, three closets, a laundry room, and a small wall unit.

The challenge?

Each design needs to work for the space it lives in, as well as fitting the overall vision the homeowner has developed.

If you’re embarking on a remodeling project for your home, make sure your process includes integrating your custom closets with the rest of the home design.

Jessica’s Essential Tips For Tackling Big Remodeling Jobs

1. Timing. Working around other contractors such as painters and flooring specialists during the design process and coordinating multiple installs is a juggling act, but essential to getting the job done properly.

Tip: Bring your California Closets design consultant in very early in the process to make sure she’s aware of everything you’re trying to accomplish so she can get to know all the pieces of the process. She’ll be able to design much more efficiently if she knows all the elements in play.

2. Details. When doing big jobs, there is much more margin for error,  says Jessica. Accounting for several rooms of obstructions, light switches, power outlets, and baseboards can be overwhelming. The key is to be diligent, checking and rechecking the work before it goes for fabrication.

Tip: Give all of your contractors space and time to make sure they’ve got all the information they need to do the best job they can do.

3. Trust Your Judgment. Your design consultant is working hard to keep the details and the big picture in mind at all times. With several contractors working at once and dozens of elements to keep track of, constant communication is a must. There should be no surprises along the way for you, the design consultant, or the installers.

Tip: When you hire contractors, be diligent about whom you hire, then step back and let them do what you hired them to do. If you allow them space, you will enjoy the process much more and be far less stressed than if you micromanage.

4. Communication. The ability to constantly communicate with you is a necessity. It’s important that a design consultant be able to continually check in with you to make sure she is part of the scheduling and overall workflow. Being pushed to the backburner at any point throughout the process causes everything to be a rush at the end.

Tip: Allow yourself the time to address the needs of each contractor along the way instead of shoehorning them into severely limited bits of time. More time equals less stress, which equals a home remodel that you will be satisfied with and will bring you years of joy.

What’s the biggest remodeling job you ever accomplished?

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