How to Organize 209 Pairs of Shoes? Turn A Bedroom Into a Walk-In

My client Hanna had just moved and the tiny reach-in closets in her new home were not nearly sufficient to house her clothing. Her gorgeous collection of clothing was being stored in wardrobe boxes.

This wouldn’t do! Her clothes needed more space.

The solution? We converted an extra bedroom into a master closet – dressing room.

The first challenge was the room itself. It had 2 large windows, so we built island sections in front of them to create “wall space” for hanging sections. We also designed a peninsula-island with more hanging sections and drawers to utilize the floor space.

It was essential that we create unique storage solutions for all of Hanna’s treasured clothing and accessories:

  • 104 pairs of flat shoes (tennis, sandals, flip flops)
  • 50 pairs of heels and wedges
  • 55 pairs of boots, most needed 20″ height, some ankle boots
  • Approximately 40 purses
  • Multitude of belts and necklaces needing hooks
  • 15 ft of long hanging (pants, dresses, gowns)
  • 25.5 ft of half hanging (blouses, tops, jackets)

Slatwalls were the perfect solution to the accessories dilemma, optimizing abundant vertical space to keep Hanna’s belts, necklaces and other accessories organized and easily accessible.

The final design, with the warm and elegant Candlelight finish, made use of every inch of space. We were able to fit everything into this room and then some!

I was thrilled that Hanna was really pleased with the outcome. She wrote me soon after the installation to say:

Tarja, you are a magician!

I literally lost sleep wondering how I would be able to get all of my prized possessions into the space I had to work with, and you somehow figured out a way. I cannot thank you enough for creating the most perfect wardrobe room for me!

You are so passionate about what you do, and that really shines through. You are incredibly detail-oriented and your infectious personality made you so fun to work with. I appreciated that you continually checked in with me throughout the entire process – from making sure that all my questions were answered when we were in the initial stages of design, to seeing that the installation was running smoothly.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! Now off to finish unpacking these wardrobe boxes… :)

Thank you, Hanna, for choosing California Closets for your walk-in closet makeover!

Tarja Hull, Design Consultant


Tarja Hull is a design consultant at California Closets Orange County. She is passionate about creating beauty and order in the home.



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