The 5 Reasons Your Closet Isn’t Working for You

Clothing is our modern day calling card. It establishes who we are before anyone even meets us. It lets people know what kind of mood we are in: jeans and a tee = relaxed, suit = business, fun dress = flirty.

Considering their importance, why are our wardrobes so neglected?

Treated with less than the greatest care? Smooshed together so tight we can’t get out the shirt we want to wear? Tossed to the floor of our closets and walked on? Or worse, pushed to the back and forgotten?

This California Closets reach-in contains hanging rods, shelves, drawers and more to contain all of the items in a typical wardrobe.

Because your closet isn’t working for you. Here are five reasons why:

1. Your closet lacks the basic tools.

If your closet has only hanging rods with one shelf above, then where can you possibly store shoes, handbags, folded items and more to make them accessible?

You need specific storage areas for your clothing, shoes and accessories. That’s the benefit of designing a custom closet: There is a place for each and every item in your wardrobe so you’re able to find the perfect look you want that day.

2. You haven’t layered your closet.

Layering is practical (items are organized and easy to find) as well as aesthetic (separate storage prevents a cluttered look).

Like book ends, shelf dividers curtail floppy handbags. Bins and baskets on shelves corral scarves while streamlining the overall look. Instead of letting drawers be dumping grounds, inserts contain & separate items. (No more rummaging through balled up tights or wrinkled workout wear.)

Of course, you want jewelry neatly stored in a jewelry drawer or box. But a few pieces artfully draped across a small dish can accessorize a countertop. Now, finish the layering with a favorite picture. With that done, you’ll want to take the plunge to matching hangers.

3. You think everything has to stay.

If you think about how much your home costs per square foot, then apply that to your closet. For example, at $100/square foot, you are looking at valuable real estate. Only the most valuable clothing items, ones that you love and that love you back, should remain.

Get a friend and start pruning! There’s a lucky someone out there ready to love those discards that you don’t wear anymore.

4. You don’t know what should stay and what should go.

Use the turn of the seasons from summer to fall and from winter to spring to take a good long look at your wardrobe. This will help you flip your closet for the new season and remind you of what you have and what you don’t.

Ten pairs of flip flops are not the best use of space if it’s 20 below and snowing where you live! Make sure that you have basics for every season and then part with the unneeded extras or duplicates.

5. Your discards never get discarded.

Find a place to tuck a shopping bag in your closet. When you try something on and discover you don’t care for it anymore, tuck it in your donation bag. When the bag is full, drop it off at the donation center. Editing was never so easy.

Which of the 5 problems above is keeping your closet from being your best friend? What’s the worst thing about your closet?

Leticia Pfieffer California Closets design consultant

Leticia Pfeiffer

As a design consultant at California Closets Dallas-Ft. Worth, an organizational coach, and a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), Leticia Pfeiffer brings her passion for organization to all of her California Closets designs. She works diligently to accommodate each client’s unique belongings into their custom design because she believes, “Life is Better Organized!”


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