How to Stay Organized in 2012

Start the year off right with our favorite organizing tips!

With the new year here, you’ve no doubt starting setting intentions or making resolutions for 2012.

Are you thinking about how to get more organized? Do you want to spend more time with family and friends and less time dealing with stressful clutter? Do you finally want that dream closet, organized perfectly to fit your needs?

We’ve pulled together the best of our 2011 organizing tips and advice to get you started with a fresh slate this year!

1. What’s Your Organizing Style?

First, know yourself. Everyone has a different organizing style. The system you design has to match your style so that it will be easy to access and maintain.

Figure out which organizing style you have and what your main challenges are to getting organized. Are you a sentimentalist who holds on to every piece of memorabilia? If so, you’ll need to come up with a solution and system that allows you to hold on to meaningful items without creating clutter.

 2. Get Over Yourself: Five Emotional Obstacles That Keep Your Home Cluttered

You know your style, so you know your challenge areas and you have a sense of what kind of organizing system would match your needs. But, is there anything else holding you back?

It’s very common for emotional obstacles to get in the way of true organization. Expert design consultant Debbie Royal identifies the top five and how to overcome them.

3. How To Easily Declutter Your House By 40%

You have too much stuff. The feeling of being weighed down by possessions is palpable and affects us every day. It’s time to pare down your belongings. Most of us have at least one or two areas in our homes that could use a purge.

Having a plan will help you get started easily and reap immediate rewards. Try this method. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you can see tangible results throughout your home.

4. Batting Cleanup: How To Use Baseball Strategy To Organize Your Home

Baseball strategy is surprisingly similar to home organizing strategy.

Dan, our in-house organizing expert, offers his insights into how baseball strategy can be used for your home – for your and your family. These fantastic organizing tips will have you playing ball in no time!

5. No More Morning Madness: Tame Your Closet

Have you ever started off the day organized and then got thrown off by navigating the clutter in your closet to pick your outfit?

Organizing expert Heather Bishop to the rescue! She shares her top tips for taming the closet chaos by organizing shoes, sweaters, belts and scarves.

6. Four Steps to a Gorgeous Closet

It’s amazing how simple it is to create an organized closet that you actually enjoy using every day!

Whether you’ve installed a custom closet or have another system in place, try these four easy steps to beautify your wardrobe organization.

7. Get Inspired by Before-and-Afters

There’s nothing more inspiring than a great before-and-after makeover story. Check out the successes our clients have had as they’ve reorganized bedrooms, offices, garages and more to help make life more fun, efficient and stress-free!

We’ve got more organizing tips from 2011 – and, of course, more to come this year.

Best of luck for a balanced and organized 2012!

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