Pardon Me, But There’s a Bed in My Shoe Cabinet

This system is perfect for a TV/game room or living room. Sleek, modern design with storage and well-hidden wall bed.

I had to laugh recently as I was showing a client around our showroom.

We stopped in front of a display that had been left in the “closed” position. She looked over at the unit and exclaimed, “Oh! Is that one of those wonderful shoe cabinets?”

I believe she was referring to the type of shoe cabinet that has shallow doors that tip out to allow for shoes to be placed inside. Typically these cabinets are very narrow so they don’t take up very much space in your entry.

What was so funny? I looked at the unit and could definitely understand her confusion. The cabinet is tall but very narrow and takes up almost no space in our showroom.

The only thing is…that “cabinet” was no shoe closet – it was a wall bed.

You can imagine her surprise when I walked over and pulled open the bed!

She couldn’t believe that we could house a bed in such a small space – and that it was so light and easy to use. She told me that she thought it was unfortunate that she wasn’t in the market for a wall bed – she really liked it.

Wall Beds Create Multi-Purpose Rooms

Within a few seconds, this TV room or living room becomes guests' quarters!

I started thinking about how so many areas in our homes need to perform double duty.

And when square footage is at a premium, nothing turns a room into a multi-functional space like a wall bed.

Today’s wall beds can be beautifully incorporated into any room and designed to fit the room’s primary purpose.

For instance, if the main purpose of your spare room is as an office you can easily integrate a desk into your wall bed. Alternatively, if you require your spare room to serve as open exercise space you can artfully design a unit that blends into the wall.

Always Room at the Inn

Although many of us live in smaller spaces it no longer means you can’t have your loved ones come and stay with you.

A room that spends 90% of its time as your partner’s video game den can also spend 10% of its time as your best-friend-from-out-of-town’s bedroom.

With a wall bed you comfortably have friends over for dinner and drinks and then ask them to stay the night if it gets too late.

Wall beds utilize real mattresses as well – mattresses that don’t get folded up and crammed into couches for most of their lives. Your guests can sleep comfortably on a real mattress. (Careful: They may want to stay another night!)

So, what do you think? Would a wall bed design work in your home? What multi-functional spaces would you like to create?

Tara Hatazawa

As an interior designer and design consultant at California Closets Vancouver, Tara Blanchet has ten years experience helping people find the perfect look for their homes. Her favorite part of her job is seeing the excitement on her clients’ faces when they see that not only can they fit everything in their custom storage system, but it looks wonderful too.



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