Our Closet Makeovers on HGTV Remodels

Expert design consultant Debbie Royal designed three amazing closets for New Jersey couple Laura Baer and Mike Levine that helped them beat clutter and disorganization and create efficiency and harmony in their home.

Their new linen closet, master bedroom closet and teen closet were all featured on HGTV Remodels.

Read how upgrading to custom closets has helped change their lives for the better:

Linen Closet

Their cluttered and inaccessible linen closet became an organized dream where bedroom and bathroom necessities were in easy reach.

“Space wasn’t the issue in this linen closet. It was plenty big and already had built-in shelves. But the shelves weren’t adjustable, they were so deep things got lost at the back of the closet, and the highest shelf was nearly impossible to reach. A collection of bedding and towels was overflowing from the shelves and odds and ends relocated from the nearest bathroom after a recent remodel had no neat place to rest.”

Read the full story at HGTV Remodels.

Photography by Michel Arnaud. (HGTVRemodels.com)

Master Closet

Their dysfunctional and bursting-at-the-seams master closet transformed into a neat, stylish and practical space.

“Laura’s master bedroom closet was in the worst shape. Even though the couple had outfitted their bedroom closets with custom shelving systems several years earlier, Laura’s closet was bursting at the seams. ‘The system we installed looked great, but it took up so much room in the closet that it made a lot of the hanging clothes impossible to reach,’ she says.”

Read the full story at HGTV Remodels.

Teen Closet

Their son’s poorly organized and inflexible closet was turned into a clutter-free and multi-use space for the family.

“As many parents know, when teenagers grow up and leave the nest, they don’t leave all at once. Such is the case in Laura Baer and Mike Levine’s household. Their son Zack is mostly out on his own, yet he still spends plenty of time at home.

While his parents are happy to have him around, his mom has designs on his closet: As her sports-fan son uses the space less and less for his gear, Laura hopes to use it more and more, for her own out-of-season clothes and for guests, when his bedroom hosts visitors.”

Read the full story at HGTV Remodels.

Do Laura and Mike’s closets inspire YOU to get more organized?

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