Before & After: A Happy Home Office

Lois and her husband have their hands full with a 2-year-old son, busy careers and a frequent need to work from home.

As the national marketing director of California Closets, Lois knows a thing or two about organization and design – and she knew that their home office design was not working.

They were thrilled to finally turn their non-functional multi-purpose room into a productive and comfortable home office and guest room.

The Problem

As a home office and guest room, there were a few reasons the set up wasn’t working.

A small desk faced the back corner with a couple of shelves above it. The desk was too small for two people to use, and because of the lack of storage it usually had stuff piled on top of it. Before they could work on it, they had to clear everything off and put it on the floor.

The sofa bed used up a lot of space in the room so space for additional storage cabinets was very limited. There were also numerous binders stored in the garage and living room because there was nowhere to put them in the office.

The result?

Lois and her husband hardly ever used the room. It didn’t feel good being in there and there was no space to work efficiently. It also became a dumping ground so clutter tended to pile up.

They felt frustrated that the room was basically a wasted space – and with their small house, any unused space is valuable.

The Solution

They framed the sofa bed with storage to utilize the space on the wall. The design included open shelving for books and electronics, and hidden storage for binders, craft supplies and other items.

The work space was moved to the wall under the windows and extended to run the full length of the wall providing ample workspace with lots of natural light. It’s more inviting to work in and has plenty of room for sewing and art projects or for two people to work side by side if needed.

The maple finish matches the sofa bed and the flat panel doors create a clean modern look.

How does Lois feel about the new design?

“We love it. The new floor plan makes the room feel bigger and provides space for our son to play while we are working. There is oodles of storage and a huge workspace for computer work and craft projects. Now that everything has a place, it’s easy to keep the room organized!”


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