Featured Virtuoso Design: A Very “Zen” Boutique Closet

My client Tracy is a very fashionable woman who keeps busy between work, family, horseback riding, yoga and more! But she had a problem.

The bad news

She and her husband were sharing a reach-in closet in the bedroom of their master suite.

It was crammed, and they both wanted their own space. Tracy had even “rented” some additional space in her kid’s closet – which was even more frustrating because it meant her belongings were scattered throughout the house!

The good news

In the bathroom of the master suite, there was a large room that housed many dressers and was perfect for a walk-in closet system. The bathroom itself was beautiful and Tracy was excited about realizing the full potential of the dressing area.

I knew we could create an aesthetically pleasing and organized design that was easy on the eye and easy to use. Instead of sharing closet space, she would be able to see and access all of her clothing and accessories in one place.

The solution

Because of the layout of the suite and the size of the dressing area, the system had to be very “Zen” and beautiful enough to display clothes openly without feeling like a messy closet.

When the client said “Zen”, I knew the California Closets Virtuoso Collection was for her. This contemporary design style uses clean lines to create a sophisticated look.

The final closet design felt like a boutique, displaying her wardrobe neatly. Large drawers in the Virtuoso system made storing folded items easy.

The Florentine Rosewood finish really complemented the room and flooring (designing a contemporary Virtuoso closet in a very old farm house really hinged on a finish that blended in!).

A shoe tower in the corner added to the personal boutique feeling.

We stayed simple with the hardware to coordinate with her bathroom hardware.

Lighting was also important. The location of the room and windows made it difficult to get natural light at key times of the day so the LEDs were a perfect accent!

I think the best part about this project is that the house was very old, but our contemporary Virtuoso system fit right in!

Tracy had this to say:

“Having lived out of three separate closets, we can attest to the fact that our new closet has actually saved us money as we were buying more clothes because we couldn’t see everything we owned. I now love the useful space I have with my new California Closets design.”


What do you think of this walk-in closet design? Do you like our Virtuoso Collection? Tell us in the comments!

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Stephanie Scharr Bonini - California Closets Design Consultant

Stephanie Scharr Bonini


Stephanie Scharr Bonini is a California Closets design consultant based in northern Connecticut who works with clients throughout New England. She is an expert at listening carefully to her clients to achieve a perfect balance of style, function, and budget with every custom closet project.

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