Room To Move: Turning A Spare Bedroom Into A Runner’s Home Base

Jill is an accomplished marathon runner and mom. She was feeling like her spare room was being under utilized and at the same time was wanting a space that was her own.

Her vision for her room was very simple. She wanted wall space for a mirror and a place for her framed accomplishments to be displayed, as well as her medals from her marathons. She needed storage for her running gear would be necessary as well as having a space for her two canine training partners to be in the room as well.

Wall hooks were planned to hang the medals within the storage unit. Drawers and doors were used for hidden storage. Shoe shelves held her many running shoes. Floor space was planned for her dogs to wrestle on her yoga mat. A window bench was planned for a space for her dogs to look out the window while she is training in the room.

Once everything was organized in the new storage space, there was plenty of room for this:

To the victor go the spoils.

This is the third custom closet we’ve done for Jill.


Do you have a room that you’d like to transform for yourself?

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Megan Evans, a Design Consultant at California Closets Alberta, has always loved home design and architecture so becoming an interior designer was a natural step for her. She was an Interior Designer working as a Certified Lighting Specialist before joining California Closets.

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