Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts: Crafting A Space With Many Uses

What do you do with a space that’s bigger than an alcove, but not quite a room?

The answer is that you could do just about anything with it. Imagination is the key.

My client Jamie said, “We had a space that opened up to our back garden, but never used it. It had just become a big storage area and occasional guest room.”

During the design consultation, Jamie was able to convey what she was looking for from the space. Aesthetics were important to her. She wanted to combine smart space planning with a pleasing design. She also hoped they could retain some of the flexibility of the room so that they could use it as a guest room, sitting room, studio or office space. Jamie also wanted to have the option to use the open floor area for projects, dance or ping pong.

The space opens to Jamie’s garden. We worked to create a design that would “bring the garden inside”, therefore becoming an extension of the outdoors. As we met for the first time in April 2012, I suggested some finishes that emulate a natural look and make this space more organic.

Jamie said, “The kids have now left for college, but the open shelving units were still cluttered with kid’s craft projects. I have a hard time not collecting and I wanted to have a concealed and organized storage space.”

For the majority of the design, we used California Closets’ Cappuccino finish. The upper cabinet area has flip-up doors with Ecoresin Thatch panels and soft-closing hardware and were designed to contrast the main color of the system.

To increase the functionality of the room, we incorporated a wall bed.

Jamie was thrilled with the outcome. “I do love the results of the project. I love the wall bed, which is easy to set up when we have guests. When we do not have company I am able to move tables around for projects. With this design we were also able to have a sitting area on the other side of the room. It was a large open space that needed some definition and I feel we have achieved it. I do like the warmth of the dark wood and the punches of green for the drawers and the bamboo cabinet doors.”

“Looks more like furniture than a storage unit,” she said


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Design Consultant - Monika Kerstens


Monika Kerstens is a Design Consultant at California Closets Bay Area. With her Interior Design background and European upbringing she strives to incorporate the clean lines normally associated with modern, contemporary style, as well as experimenting with the juxtaposition of different surfaces to retain an organic and harmonious flow.


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