Opposites Attract: Designing Spaces That Appeal To Different Styles

Abby and George are the couple you imagine when you hear the phrase ‘opposites attract.’

While both are very organized, they couldn’t be more different. George is an engineer and father who loves precision, geometric designs, and is very inquisitive, always ready with a battery of questions. Abby is a busy professional and mother who loves bright colors and knows what exactly she wants from the outset.

Their custom storage project would cover two spaces in the house: the dining room and the master bedroom.

They wanted to better utilize an empty alcove in their dining room. It was a challenge to find furniture they liked that would fit. The painting that hung in the space looked a bit lonely and out of place. It made the entire dining room look unfinished. They are a very sociable pair and have lots of dinner parties. The space had no purpose and didn’t reflect their personalities. While they would benefit from more storage space, this was more a matter of aesthetics.

The troubles in their master bedroom began with the angled walls in the closet. The space was poorly designed and their storage consisted of a criss-crossing jumble of wire shelf organizers that caused as many problems as they solved. Abby and George are are very tidy, organized people and grew to dread going in the closet as it always seemed to be a disorganized mess.

To make things worse, with the lack of closet organization and optimized storage, their clothing was overflowing into other cupboards and drawers.

With George and Abby’s input, we were able to create beautiful storage systems that would enhance the beauty and value of their home.

 Sue Knox Dining Room Master Bedroom 1

In the master bedroom, we designed an organized closet where everything has a place and that was also attractive, a far cry from their nest of wire shelves. We were able to hide the disadvantages of the angled walls and made the room look more symmetrical.

Sue Knox Dining Room Master Bedroom 2

The dining room unit is exactly what they envisioned. They chose a beautiful vibrant wall color to suit Abby’s taste for color and finished the storage unit in a simple black and white for George’s taste. Glass shelving on top kept sight lines open while dark shelves under the painting grounded the entire system in the room.

Sue Knox Dining Room Alcove

The angles in the master bedroom closet are now all hidden, all their clothing has a place and they even have filing drawers in the closet so they could get rid of their ugly filing boxes. Abby even wound up with display shelves to show off her special purses and boxes.

Sue Knox Dining Room Master Bedroom 3

George and Abby absolutely love their new spaces. The dining room unit is their pride and joy. They even took the doors off the master bedroom closet and keeping the master bedroom closet neat has turned into a pleasant task.

What do you think? Do you have spaces that would flourish with more efficient design or an overhaul of purpose?

Sue Knox

Sue Knox



Sue Knox is a design consultant at California Closets in Vancouver. She works closely with customers to create custom solutions for their unique needs.

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