Maximizing And Optimizing: Creating An Office/Wine Bar Combination

Elizabeth Henry - Wine Bar Before Photo

May is a military employee who requires as much efficiency in her home as she does at work. Things need to be optimized and organized for her to feel as if she’s fully utilizing a space.

She had a tiny niche in her home that wasn’t doing very much of anything. There was a desk there where she did some light office work, but to May it felt like a waste. As you can see in the photo at right, there wasn’t a lot of horizontal space to work with, but the vertical space was completely unused, which offered a great deal of potential.

During our design consultation, we put our minds together, trying to think of how best to create a unit with multiple uses. May didn’t need a dedicated work area, so it seemed a shame to build a system that was devoted only to office tasks.

At first, May was a little overwhelmed. She couldn’t visualize what such a combined space might look like. By working together and trying different things, were were able to find the right balance, pulling it together to make a system that looked good and functioned beautifully.

After brainstorming a few ideas, May embraced the idea of combining a wine bar along with a desk area. This would create an attractive, multipurpose unit that made the most of the available vertical space. We combined contrasting finishes for the sides and tops in order to give the room a modern updated look.

Elizabeth Henry - Wine Bar After Photo

May was thrilled with how it turned out and felt that she got exactly what she wanted. There was plenty of room to work and the design offered copious space for wine storage. She could also clear the desk off when company was over in order to use it as a surface to aid with entertaining.

What do you think? What spaces in your home could be more efficient if they served two or more purposes?

Elizabeth Henry - Design Consultant



Elizabeth Henry is a Design Consultant at California Closets San Diego. She believes that less is more when designing cutting edge storage solutions.



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