More from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show: Black is The New Black

While Dining by Design was one of my favorite aspects of the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, the magic is truly on the show floor.Black on Black Table

At this year’s show, we saw a departure from some of the trends we saw in 2012. Instead of the focus being on pops of bright color, monochromatic color schemes were prevalent throughout the show with black coming through in all areas of the home. Although there were beautiful examples of color in textiles and vivid artwork, overall the palette was much more neutral than in years past, with a heavy emphasis on black.

Admittedly, black doesn’t sound nearly as lively as last year’s “pops of color,” but the pieces that embraced this color did so without compromising drama and personality. Texture was key to make this happen. Texture played a role in everything from living and dining room sets to artwork to kitchens through highly polished surfaces, carved out wood surfaces, and textiles.  Golds, silvers and other accent colors were often also used to pull in the viewer and once grabbed, the textures took center stage.

In a recent survey, we found 23% of people connect dark colors to luxury and this was evident in décor that embraced rich, black textures. In such instances, the luxury of black was personified by varying finishes within a single piece, such as combining leather, lacquer, textured wood and glass. It was refreshing to see designers go beyond just solid black and tap into the color’s richness, especially since decorating with black can be challenging. Oftentimes depth and perspective can be lost when black is the focal point, but as we saw at the show, by incorporating textures and mixing materials, black can add a dramatic glow and new dimension that you might not otherwise get.

The New Black

It was obvious by the time we finished walking the show floor, black is the new black.

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