Shoe Palace: Converting A Spare Bedroom Into A Walk-In Closet

I recently had the pleasure of working with a pair of busy women who both owned extensive professional and casual wardrobes. There were lots of clothes in all sorts of styles: dresses, skirts, pants, tops, blazers and more. To top it all off, there were lots and lots of shoes.

They decided that it was time to convert their unused bedroom into a walk-in closet.Bellissima White Walk-In Closet

After meeting them and being completely charmed, we got to work. When we took a look at all of their clothing and had a few honest discussions about what they wanted, we were able to come up with some concepts. It was decided that the room needed to feel fresh and modern, but since it is an older home, we had to strike the perfect balance. The design and aesthetic choices for this room couldn’t clash with or overpower some of the older features of the house.

We experimented and finally found a design they were very pleased with.

The sections for each person flowed together with no jarring transitions, but each of their specific needs were met.  In addition to creating double-hanging spaces and incorporating plenty of shelving, I added glass framed doors to create two beautiful, enclosed shoe cabinets with polished chrome shoe fences. This kept dust away from both of their gorgeous shoe collections and was an appropriate and striking design accent.

Our simple, bright and fresh solution gave each of the ladies their own space but kept the overall look cohesive and visually pleasing.

Warm LED lighting brightened up the room gave it the feel of a high-end boutique. We took advantage of the fact that there were many existing electrical outlets, which allowed us to easily include built-in lighting.

We used Bellisima White, one of California Closets’ exclusive, Italian-inspired Lago finishes, to keep the feel of the space bright and uplifting. The texture of this particular finish ensured that the room exuded the elegance they were looking for.

By keeping the middle of the room open, there was room for the clients to personalize the space by adding a rug and smaller pieces of furniture to make round out the design.

They love their new closet and are very pleased with how we were able to create something that is so beautiful in addition to being a completely functional storage solution.


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Stephanie Scharr Bonini - California Closets Design Consultant

Stephanie Scharr Bonini


Stephanie Scharr Bonini is a California Closets design consultant based in northern Connecticut who works with clients throughout New England. She is an expert at listening carefully to her clients to achieve a perfect balance of style, function, and budget with every custom closet project.

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