A Mother/Daughter Crafting Space: Q & A with Design Consultant LiShelle Trembath

Every person is unique and their homes reflect who they are and how they choose to live their lives. The first tasks for every California Closets Design Consultant are to assess the physical space and to understand what a customer truly wants.

Q: Describe your client for us.

LiShelle: Michelle is a dedicated mom who loves to do crafts with her daughter Rachel. She was very excited to explore how we could optimize a space that felt challenging to her. She wanted every inch to count. Michelle was so much fun to work with and she’s a perfectionist like me! We worked very well together and I hope to do it again.Michelle Janzen - After

Q: What was the main problem or challenge she was facing?
LiShelle:Her space was very small and had some angles in the closet. There is no natural light, so she didn’t want this small space to feel even smaller with a built-in storage solution. She wanted to be able to craft, sew and paint. She also had a pipe near the ceiling she wanted to have covered.

Q: What were Michelle’s feelings about the space before you started and what were her hopes for how it would look after?
LiShelle: She was very nervous that she wouldn’t be able to get everything she wanted and still love the flow of the space. Her goal was to be able to use all the wall space possible while still being visually appealing. She wanted the finished room to be inviting so she and her daughter would want to spend time in there. Michelle envisioned pull-out shelves so she and her daughter could work on the same project.

Q: How did your design provide that solution?
LiShelle:I tried to come up with a design that had depth and visual interest by working with different colored materials. I utilized as much space as possible without packing in too much.

Q: Please describe the finishes, hardware and accessories that were included in your design.
LiShelle:I used a White finish for the main structure with a contrasting Candlelight counter top. To store accessories, I incorporated a slat wall. Traditional crown molding gave a beautiful finished look. Chrome pullout baskets with liners help organize her cloth.

The best part was that I was able to design the system with the pull-out shelves that Michelle wanted.


Michelle’s Space – Before

Q: How does the client feel now?
LiShelle: This is the email I received from Michelle:

Rachel is a cutie of course. She loves sitting up at her perch and works on her stickers and crafts while I’m working. The room has been a very useful and hardworking room since I saw you. A special Rachel quilt had been created and completed this summer, along with birthday invites, goody bags, Halloween season decor, three digital photobooks, five digital calendars, and knitting. “Santa’s Workshop” went into overdrive this season with gift wrapping, storage, and decoration making.

So, thank you, thank you! Great product and awesome design.


Michelle’s Space – After

LiShelle Putnam

LiShelle Putnam



LiShelle Trembath is a Senior Design Consultant with California Closets Alberta and has been with the company for six years. She believes that helping people optimize their spaces and simplify their lives is the best job in the world.

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