A Bookcase Beyond The Ordinary: Q & A with Design Consultant Simone Jackson

Sandra is a very busy nurse who lives in Oklahoma with her husband. The couple wants to retire in Las Vegas and bought a house there over a year ago with a mind towards preparing it for their golden years.

California Closets has done other projects in the home since they first bought it. Sandra prefers high quality unique furniture and doesn’t want anything that could be considered mundane or cookie-cutter.

Q: What was this project about?Simone Jackson - Bookshelf

Simone: Sandra wanted to have a display unit and covered storage without encroaching too far into the room. I would need to design something that blended with the current decor while satisfying specific storage requirements. She was determined to not have any paper or clutter in the room whatsoever.

Q: What did she envision as a solution?

Simone: She imagined a design that didn’t look like a normal book shelf or a typical media unit but would still be able to display her husband’s rock collection. It would also require ample storage for files along with covered storage for a variety of miscellaneous items.

Q: That sounds tricky. How were you able to do it?

Simone: The length of the wall is 184 inches so we decided to use 160 inches of it to optimize the area without packing it too tightly. To keep the shelving from overpowering the wall, we used staggered, 12-inch deep boxes instead of typical shelves. This gave the unit a feeling of depth and variety and visual interest. By not filling the entire space with shelving, we found we could create plenty of useful storage space without having an imposing wall full of shelves.

For the cabinets below, we used doors with pull-out drawers behind them for plenty of file storage. In the large vertical section in the center, we used doors so the things that they didn’t want on display could be covered.

Q: Describe the finishes, hardware and accessories that were included in your design.

Simone: The body of the wall unit is an Antique White finish to blend in with the wall and be the backdrop for his colorful rocks. Because this room is open to the kitchen, we wanted a finish that would complement the kitchen cabinets so we used Tiger Wood foil. To make it more contemporary we turned the grain horizontally. We also designed three Tiger Wood-wrapped removable dividers to break up the long, horizontal lines of the shelves.

For the hardware we used hidden touch latches so we wouldn’t disturb the visual flow of the Tiger Wood. Sandra found her own oil-rubbed bronze handles for the base cabinet doors.

Q: The results are very impressive. How does Sandra feel about the solution?

Simone: She is extremely happy with the result and we continue to do work for her and other members of her family.

Bookshelf - Closed and Open
Simone Jackson

Simone Jackson



Simone Jackson is a design consultant for California Closets Las Vegas. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior design and uses her knowledge and skills in design to collaborate with her clients on the perfect solution for their organizational needs.


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