Dwell on Design 2013: Outdoor Inspiration

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the 2013 Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles.Dwell on Design 2013 Rebar Trees I expected to be inspired by beautiful furniture, design ideas for the home, and the newest trends in appliances and fixtures. However, to my pleasant surprise, an unexpected area of design emerged as one of the stars of the show: the Great Outdoors.

Grow Wall InstallationAs a mainstay of the show, Dwell Outdoor has always been showcased, but this year, the organizers brought the outdoorsto the center of the convention area — and to great effect. Beyond Dwell on Design’s outdoor showcase, I found wonderful outdoor furniture, accessories and landscaping ideas peppered throughout the entire show.

It was a timely choice by Dwell, as summer home improvements seem to be on the upswing. According to the Zillow® Digs™ Summer Home Improvement Trend and Spending Survey, 60 percent of homeowners plan to make a home improvement or addition this summer.

Throughout the show, there was lush greenery that inspired even the most novice gardener to think about how they could landscape their home. My absolute favorite space was designed by Fermod, who showcased repurposed rebar sculpted into DIY trHURBZ Plantersees with stunning lime green planters dangling from the branches. With additional splashes of color through the judicious use of ‘tangerine tango’ tiki lamps, this outdoor space was a decorator’s dream.

FNourishmator those limited on space, there were several options for creating a living garden wall that could include herbs and beautiful flowers to fashion a creative breathing space on a deck or patio using planters of various shapes and heights. Several smaller solutions allow city dwellers the opportunity to exercise their green thumb in even the smallest of spaces, such as the geometric container tables by HURBZ.

Amongst all of these terrific items and installations, there was one particular item that gave me a little smile: planting pads by Nourishmat. In a small 4’ x 6’ area, this all-encompassing roll-out garden mat had everything you needed to easily grow flowers and herbs in a small space, including integrated irrigation. It is easy to imagine a family with children enjoying the experience of creating their very first garden together with this ingenious item.

After seeing so many exciting options, I am inspired to work on my garden in the coming weeks to create an outdoor environment that I can enjoy all summer long.

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