Dwell On Design: Bringing Texture And Color Into Your Home Decorating

The 2013 Dwell on Design show floor was bustling with excitement and overflowing with visually stunning home furniture and accessories.

One of the more memorable trends was the utilization of beautiful and unique light fixtures to add personal style to your space. The pieces that most captured my attention were those that incorporated color and varying heights to create an artistic dimensionality to their space. These exquisitely colored glass pieces add fresh style and vibrant color to a room. Using colored glass lighting is a great way to utilize the ‘less is more’ approach to decorating and incorporate a simple conversation piece that does not overpower your room.

Going into an alternative direction, is finding lighting that utilizes negative space to impart design.  These serene pieces are open and airy and their geometric patterns allow light to cast glorious shadows across the walls.  As spectacular as the colored glass lighting was, I found the neutral colors of these lamps and their balanced patterns very attractive.

My very favorite fixture won ‘Best Light’ in the Dwell on Design show and was created by a New Zealand designer by the name of David Trubridge.  The design was inspired by the Manuka tree and this large globe casts fantastic kaleidoscope shadows that are comprised by the 5-petal star-shaped flower design that repeats itself throughout the fixture.

Whether you make a bold statement with color, or utilize texture and shadows in your lighting – your choice will set the environmental mood for your room.  Think of the mood you want to embody in your space – and choose the ideal lighting accessory to bring it to life!

Dwell on Design - Hanging Decor

Ginny Snook Scott California Closets

Ginny Snook Scott



Ginny Snook Scott is the Chief Design Officer at California Closets. She has over 25 years experience with California Closets and has helped over 1,000 clients create custom closets and organize their home. Connect with Ginny on Google+.


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