Utilizing Unusual Space: The Entryway

Being welcomed home by a beautiful entryway is a great way to leave your cares behind you and enjoy the calm and sanctuary that your home offers.

Your first step in the door establishes the tone for the home environment.  Consider this area an extension of your style and personality and make it visually welcoming, as well as functional.  Many people consider this entry area as unusable space, but even an angled alcove can provide your family with much-needed storage space and be pleasant to look upon.

Understair Entryway

This stunning design incorporates chocolate leather inserts in the doors and drawers.  Sleek olive high-gloss drawers add a hint of color to an otherwise monochrome space.  A touch of nature is brought in with delicate reeds in ecoresin set behind the open shelving and baskets.

Adding to the functionality, the velvet seating area provides a place for family members to sit and prepare for braving the weather.  A place to put on boots, gloves, and ensure that backpacks are fully stocked to enjoy the day ahead is a luxury that will feel like a necessity over time. Easy glide soft-close drawers frame the base of the system for additional storage of seasonal clothes as well as extra sports equipment.

Three Entryway Views

This design has been set with a series of cubbies which is a great way to assist a family.  Each family member has their own cubby with a pull-out basket for easy access.  No more fussing to find the matching shoe as you depart in the wee morning hours.

Lift up doors on the upper cabinets make way for extra storage of hats, sunglasses, and personal items so that they can easily be found.

This entryway is the perfect illustration of the notion of a place for everything and everything in its place.

Ginny Snook Scott California Closets

Ginny Snook Scot



Ginny Snook Scott is the Chief Design Officer at California Closets. She has over 25 years experience with California Closets and has helped over 1,000 clients create custom closets and organize their home. Connect with Ginny on Google+.

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