Making Do: Working With Limited Budgets And Interesting Spaces

A mother of two was focused on organizing a couple of areas of her home: the work area in her kid’s room and her own small reach-in closet.┬áThe two limitations for the work we needed to do were space and budget. We would have to be very creative with regards to design in order to overcome these challenges.

We started with her bedroom. The customer was not too happy about the mirrored sliding doors she had in all of her reach-in closets. It was time for a change.

In the closet there was a light tunnel inside a wide metal duct that had to be incorporated into the built-in system she wanted to create. She wanted the unit to have the look of the built-in wardrobe. The task was to conceive a storage solution that hid the pipe and used as much of the available space for her clothes as possible.

Before and After:

Light Tunnel - Before & After

The other job we needed to tackle was creating an inviting work area for her son. She struggled to find a simple yet very contemporary looking solution for her child’s desk space. The extensive research the customer did through numerous design websites as well as the conversations we had together allowed her to get a clear idea of what she wanted to attempt.

The customer was clearly focused on simple finishes, so we used splashes of colors to make that very simple design pop. The project that we came up with was not limited to the unit itself, but incorporated putting together the paint colors on the walls and by using vibrant High Gloss Laminates as accent colors used on the drawer faces.

Settee Storage

After the project was completed, the customer expressed how happy she was with the transformed spaces. Considering the challenges we were faced with, I feel we did a very good job. Using interesting designs for the units themselves coupled with creative use of finishes and colors enabled us to build storage solutions that exceeded expectations.

Often the simplest solutions are the best.

Before and After:

Settee - Before & After Design Consultant - Monika Kerstens


Monika Kerstens is a Design Consultant at California Closets Bay Area. With her Interior Design background and European upbringing she strives to incorporate the clean lines normally associated with modern, contemporary style, as well as experimenting with the juxtaposition of different surfaces to retain an organic and harmonious flow.

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