The ‘Wow’ Factor: Designing A Garage For A Ferrari

Ferrari GarageFor many people, their car is much more than a way to get across town. It is a prized possession, perhaps an obsession or even a religion.

For my customer, a proud Ferrari driver with enthusiasm for high design, a utilitarian garage wouldn’t be enough. It had to be functional and have loads of style.

His previous garage storage solution was suitable enough for his previous car, but it wouldn’t pass muster for his Ferrari. It was time to tear out the old cabinets and start from scratch.

We worked together to find a proper blend of functional storage and exciting design flourishes that would give his new garage the “Wow” factor that would match the love he has for his new ride. We pored over all of the available options, ultimately focusing our efforts on the choice and placement of colors, finishes and hardware.

Ferrari Garage - Before


In the end, we found a blend of full overlay doors and oversized black trim in order to create striking vertical and horizontal lines. LED lighting was added to highlight the upper cabinets and give the entire unit a dealership showroom type of feel. A Fusion slat wall was perfect to hang tools in the space above the workbench.

The customer is really excited about the final design. He feels even more connected to his new garage, because the of the collaborative way California Closets works. His input was critical and essential to the final design.


John Wenskunas

John Wenskunas has been a Design Consultant with California Closets since 1999. Parallel careers in architecture, custom interior design, and general construction led him to beautiful southern California. John is creative, passionate, and enthusiastic about the services that California Closets can provide. His goal is complete customer satisfaction; a positive and memorable experience.



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