How I Went From Being A Customer To A Design Consultant

Prior to being a design consultant for California Closets, I was a client.

My husband and I built a beautiful new home in Edmonton, Alberta, and changed our floor plan from a 4-bedroom house to a 3-bedroom, deciding along the way to make one of the bedrooms into a master closet.

Once the house was complete, we made one of our best decisions as newlyweds. We contacted California Closets to come and redesign all of the closet space in our home.

We love all of our closets, but the master closet is our favorite. The amazing quality and customer service we had from California Closets spurred me to be a employee.

Our closet system has an Almond finish with contrasting Milano Grey drawer fronts and doors. The system is raised slightly from the floor, enabling a little extra storage along the floor if we need it. The unit extends up to the ceiling and it capped off with elegant crown molding.


We had plenty of space in the center of the closet and decided to add an island, complete with more storage and seating. It’s amazing how handy it is to have the little bit of extra room, as well as a place to sit and put on shoes or survey the entirety of our wardrobes.

Once we had the main components of the design figured out, we were able to customize it further with accessories. We added jewelry and hosiery inserts to the drawers to optimize the space there. On the back of the island I have shelving for my dress shoes.

Adding pull-out laundry hampers has turned out to be a great idea. They’re extremely functional and convenient. Pull-out tie racks, belt racks, and garment rods give our new closet a level of functionality we couldn’t have imagined had we not brought in the experts at California Closets.

Shortly after our new closets were complete, I became a design consultant for California Closets Alberta. It’s been a joy to be able to help customers and enjoy this kind of experience from the other side every day.

Isabel Smitke Headshot


Isabel Smitke is a Design Consultant at California Closets Alberta. She loves seeing the look of excitement on a customer’s face once they see their new storage solution. It’s her favorite part of the day.


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