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How-to Tips for Post-Holiday Organizing

The holidays are finished and gift-giving is over. Now, what are you going to with all of your decorations and gift wrapping materials?

With our tips, you can get everything squared away in an organized fashion – and with next year in mind so there’s no frantic searching come December 2012.

Your 10-Step To-Do List for Hosting Holiday Guests

Expert design consultant Jessica Bakken is an amazing hostess – super organized and incredibly attuned to her guests’ needs.

She shares her secrets with you in her holiday to-do list. Follow these steps and you’ll be amazed at how organized and welcoming your home will feel to your guests! (And you’ll get through the holidays with a lot less stress.)

Ginny’s Top 3 Tips for Gift Wrapping Organization

If you’re not careful, your gift wrapping efforts can turn a clean and orderly living room into an obstacle course of ribbons, bows, scissors, tape and paper.

Our chief design officer Ginny Snook Scott has three simple tips for keeping your gift wrapping materials in order – so you can stay organized and easily access everything whenever you need to wrap.