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7 Tips for Creating a Romantic Bedroom

For Valentine’s Day, give your bedroom a romantic makeover! Just follow these seven easy tips for creating a romantic atmosphere that you and your partner will love.

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Winter Organization: 6 Tips for Fun Snow Days

It can be a pain to be stuck inside when the snow is piling up outside. But it doesn’t have to mean boredom – or a frenzied trip to the store. Get organized before the big storm hits and you’ll love having a “snow day”! Stock up on non-perishable staples. Avoid the hordes elbowing grandmas… Read more »

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Organize This! Makeover: An Amazing Home Office Suite

Our first prize winner Pat Murphy won a closet makeover valued at $20,000, plus an in-person de-cluttering session with a nationally-renowned organizational expert. Design consultant Steve Rothgery helped Pat turn a cluttered, chaotic office into a neat and productive workspace for all of her projects. Pat’s story: Pat was struggling to stay productive in a… Read more »

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Adding Value to Your Home with California Closets

The recession has done more than slow the housing market, it’s changed the very way we think about “home.” Or, maybe it’s more accurate to say that it’s changed it back to the way we used to think about home. Not so very long ago, people didn’t look at home as a quick-turn investment, but… Read more »

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Organize This! Makeover: Creating Tranquility

Marla and her husband Jack won a closet makeover valued at $10,000. Design consultant Amy Haller is helping them transform their cluttered bedrooms and playroom into neat, organized spaces. The Stouts’ story: Marla Stout and her two daughters faced an age-old problem. Who wins the battle for available space: the daughters and their piles of… Read more »

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Creating the Ultimate Garage

When it comes to most garages, the only thing “ultimate” describes is the clutter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s easy to turn your garage from a place to pile boxes and junk to the ultimate man (or woman) cave. Create a dream woodworking studio, a killer shop for the home mechanic,… Read more »

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Organize This! Makeover: Goodbye to Dorm Room Style

Lindsey Holcomb won a closet makeover valued at $5,000. California Closets design consultants helped her transform a dorm room-style closet into a stunning walk-in with unique accessories. Lindsey’s story: Lindsey was a successful professional with an organizational system that felt like a “dorm room”. She had moved 20 times since college so she had never… Read more »

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Check us out in Martha Stewart Living’s iPad issue!

We’re excited to be a part of Martha Stewart Living’s February 2011 iPad issue! This is the first regular issue of MSL that has an iPad version available too, and it’s full of delicious recipes (think: chocolate!) and interactive features. Our California Closets ads are fun and interactive too. You can watch videos of our… Read more »

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Your Style On Display

We spend a lot of time talking about how California Closets storage solutions can help you get organized, eliminate clutter and make life more efficient. But there’s another side to what our closet systems can do. Since California Closets systems are designed to beautifully fit with your home’s style, it’s only natural that we designed… Read more »

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January is Get Organized Month

It’s a new year, and a new chance to get organized. According to our research, 64% of women say they are either stressed or frustrated by disorganization. We say: It’s time for some peace and serenity. Try out our 6 easy tips to get started organizing your home this year.

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